The sturgeon is a fish that appeared in the earth’s waters more than 250 million years ago. Sturgeon Fish Roe is more known as “caviar” has always been associated with luxury and royalty.

Nevertheless, in the early 1900s when the United States became the world’s largest producer of caviar sturgeon roe was so plentiful that it was often got rid of or fed to pets. Salted caviar was served in local pubs for free. It encouraged people to buy and consume more beverages. Sturgeon fish eggs were something like pretzels and peanuts in bars today.

The sturgeon population in the United States rapidly became depleted as the species was over-fished. This led to a 1906 ban on commercial sturgeon fishing. In 2005, the United States banned the importation of wild Beluga caviar to the United States. Fortunately, after that Americans directed their attention to farming Caspian sturgeon and improving the situation with domestic wild ones.

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Why to choose Markys American caviar? Because you do not need to spend a fortune to enjoy it. It has similar quality, taste and texture as the imported caviars from Israel, Italy, Germany, and even the ones from the Caspian Sea. But the main distinguishing feature of Markys American Caviar is that it is not as pricey as the imported one.

American fish row can be divided into:

  • wild

  • farmed

Firstly let us take a look on the farmed American caviar. The aqua farms in the USA has always been centers for scientific researches. When scientists discovers something useful, they at once implement it into the real life. Fish roe from modern aqua farms is as good as the one harvested from the wildlife fish. How could it be?

1)Only the best patterns of young fish are taken to such farms from all around the world.

2) from fingerling to the adult specimen the fish is treated like a VIP. They live in the spacious ponds or in huge tanks filled with drinking grade clean and clear spring water that is constantly filtered and aerated.

3)Fish have a balanced diet which is chosen for each species individually by the high-grade professionals of the aqua farm. Farmed fish diet is almost the same as in the wild nature.

Such way of harvesting the roe is ecological and it helps to preserve the wild species. Another positive and very important thing about this way is that company always receive a high-grade product with predictable quality. So you now can enjoy for example the highest grade American sturgeon caviar. And very soon Markys Sturgeon Aquqfarms are planning to give you the possibility to taste the famous Beluga that was banned for import to the US since 2005.

American aqua farms are mostly situated in the sunny Florida and California. Thus the black caviar USA is getting more and more popular not only in the States but also abroad and companies can offer you the best price caviar in the USA.

As for the wild fish roe in America we can say that it still prevails comparing to the farmed one in volume. These fish eggs are taken from the less endangered species inhabiting the rivers, lakes, and sea waters. It is really tasty and less pricey. The famous Alaska Salmon Roe, Salmon Roe Keta, Pink Trout Roe, all these are harvested in the American lakes, rivers, and sea waters.

There is also the Hackleback, Paddlefish, White Sturgeon, and Bowfin Caviar USA harvested from the wild fish that is caught in the American lakes and rivers.

The Paddelefish Caviar comes from the original American Paddlefish freshwater sturgeon and is one of the entry level roes. This fish roe is good for those who taste caviar for the first time because of its bold and earthy flavor. However it has delicate buttery taste that smooths over palate.

The grains of American Paddlefish Caviar are of similar size as Sevruga fish roe and their color vary from light gray to chalky black. They have very tender and gently enveloping structure.

American Hackleback Caviar has the rich and intense nutty flavor. Its taste is quite similar to Sevruga and Osetra but at the same time it is one of the most affordable caviar because this fish starts carrying eggs already after 4 years.

Mentioned above fish roes are reasonably priced and can be consumed at a party or in everyday menu. Of course we should mention so called sushi roes that are harvested and sold in huge quantities. The bright range of colors makes them an eloquent instrument in the hands of many chefs. They create with their help magnificent multicolored dishes.